Heart to Heart

Heart-to-Heart Care Centre aims to bring life, hope and opportunity to children made orphaned or vulnerable in South Africa, by HIV/AIDS, TB and poverty. Heart-to-Heart believes that together WE CAN change the destiny of children one child at a time.

Heart 2 Heart

What are we about? I’m so glad you asked! We run 4 growing projects at the moment and we’re super excited to see them grow.
PREGNANCY CARE: Walking alongside women facing unplanned pregnancies.
KIDS ON THE MOVE: This is an after school program where staff and volunteers create a loving and nurturing environment for ages 7-10 years can come and receive lunch as well as homework help.
LITERACY CENTRE: 70% of children between ages 8-10 will not be able to speak, write or read English by the time they are 13years old. Only 50% of them will go on to write final exams in high school. This tugged at our hearts and therefor the Literacy centre was birthed! Where volunteers along with our Education Coordinator will assess and walk alongside these young ones to make sure they know they are not just a statistic but a life that counts!!
CHANGE WON PROJECT: The change won project is an initiative where we empower students to become the best versions of themselves. We have a counselor in almost every high school in our town which supports teens with an ear to listen.

Our Stories

The overall organisational management is conducted by the Centre Director/Project Manager and an active Board oversees that all Centre activities are conducted according to the constitution and management policies.

Each programme has a Team consisting of a programme co-ordinator and staff needed to conduct the desired service.

The programme co-ordinator is responsible for the management of the programme and each programme co-ordinator is held accountable to the Centre Director and Board.

The Centre appreciates community input and involvement and has a group of dedicated volunteers that assist in realising our vision.

Contact us

68 Apiesdoring street, Heiderand

Tel: 044 693 0828

Email: heart2heart@mweb.co.za

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