Young women and men from all communities in George and the surrounding area find themselves in a pregnancy or HIV related crisis on a daily basis. They are overwhelmed and often times lack the knowledge so desperately needed to navigate their complicated situations. At Options Care Centre we aim to empower our clients with the knowledge they need, to help them discover and consider all their options before making life-altering decisions. Through testing, counselling and lots of support, we are concerned for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those we connect with.

People Focused Support

Staff and volunteers at Options are passionate about people. We do this through:

Testing – we do pregnancy and HIV testing. We are also blessed with an ultrasound machine that allows us to do a limited obstetrical ultrasound.

Counselling – our loving counselors look after the emotional and spiritual well-being of our clients, building trust through acceptance and confidentiality.

Support– at Options the word ‘support’ encompasses many things. We host and facilitate support groups for people to connect with, learn from and encourage each other. We focus on teen-parent, HIV, and single parent groups. Another aspect of the ‘support’ Options offers is giving parcels to clients who experience financial pressures; these parcels often include clothes, shoes, nappies, food or other specific needed necessities.

Options Care Centre (YFC George)

Options also ‘supports’ some of our clients by presenting them with an opportunity to earn income and help support their families financially. We have two income generating projects, the Card Workshop and Amacici Jewellery, where women use their hands to make beautiful products that are sold, and the profits generated create income for them!

There are many other ways we counsel and support the people who walk through our doors: we share our knowledge through talks at schools and churches, workshops, and training courses. We offer counselling for the loss of a pregnancy, we offer support at the local George Hospital, and we facilitate pre-birth classes for healthy pregnancies, and much, much more!

Our Stories

Our Vision and Mission

The mission of YFC Options is to impact and develop healthy youth and families by providing information and support to those facing pregnancy and HIV related crises, empowering them spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Contact us

54 Albert Street, George, 6529

Telephone: 044 874 7414

email: optionsgrg@telkomsa.net
Website: www.optionsgeorge.com

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