People Against Substance Abuse is a registered Non- Profit Organisation based in George. PASA was founded and
established by Freddy Trout in 2006.

Our Purpose:

Build a society where our youth are equipped and empowered to know, be solid in and live out their identity, their value and their self-worth so they can live lives of purpose.

What we do

We work mainly in schools where we are accommodated by the principal and talk to learners of all grades but our focus is on teaching life skills to grade 7 learners over a longer period of time as the school makes room for the program to be implemented. We have over the years adopted 5 schools within the George area and work in these schools year after year with all the grade 7 learners and we have build strong relationships with the principals and teachers at these schools.

Parents Ministry:

People Against Substance Abuse also run a course for parents called “The Facts About Drugs and Addiction” and it is facilitated by Freddy Trout. Most parents don’t know what to do or hoe to react when they are faced with the reality of their kids abusing or being addicted to drugs. They do not have the skills to identify the problem at an early stage or where to get help or how to handle the situation and most times they cause more damage by the way they react. That is why this course was written, to equip them with the necessary skills to identify the problem early and get the best kind of help at the right time. Course material are fact based an very well researched and are updated on a regular basis ensuring parents get the latest up to date information.



People Against Substance Abuse also print and distribute 2500 booklets on a monthly basis with up to date information on different kind of drugs in schools, hospitals, police stations, doctor’s rooms, businesses and clinics around George, Mosselbay and Knysna. The printing and distribution of these booklets are made possible by local businesses that have partnered with the organisation and contribute financially on a monthly basis. These booklets have become very popular in our community.

People Against Substance Abuse also print and distribute at least 6000 A2 size full colour posters per year in schools, hospitals, police stations, doctor’s rooms, businesses and clinics in and around George. These have also become very popular among teachers as a teaching aid in classrooms and the police also use them in the prevention projects at schools.

The problem

Our Vision:

Raising up a purpose driven youth free from substance abuse.

Our Mission:

Add value to the lives of our youth by equipping them through sustainable life skills programs that will enable them to make informed decisions and to address their reality in a way that is not harmful to their existence.

Contact us

Doneraile House, 7 Doneraile Street,
George, 6529

Admin Office: 044 150 0007
Appointments: 044 873 0133
Freddy: 071 090 4450
Wayne: 06404402288

Facebook: P.A.S.A.George

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