This One’s for the Children

StreetSmart South Africa is an initiative raising funds for community programmes, with beneficiaries that support the process of normalising vulnerable and street children’s lives. Our fundraising partners include hospitality industry establishments, online businesses and other corporates.

We operate across South Africa.

Fundraising partners display StreetSmart marketing material to inform patrons that a voluntary donation will be added to their bill. They have the option to donate more than R5.00 (or remove this from their bill entirely). This donation is registered separately in the establishment’s point of sales system, and StreetSmart collects the funds.

Every cent raised goes towards local, vulnerable and marginalised children’s programmes, namely education, skills training and family reunification. Donors supporting StreetSmart partners will be consciously contributing to the long-term betterment of street childrens’ lives and their future.


ALL operational costs are covered through sponsorships, fundraisers and private donations.

StreetSmart provides a sound opportunity to give responsibly and not in the hands of a child on the street, as this keeps them on the street.

StreetSmart South Africa has been registered as an NPC, PBO and NPO since 2005.

Through StreetSmart funded interventions in vulnerable children’s lives, we support programmes which bring real, long-term societal benefits and education to children and youth.

Wendy grew up on the notorious Cape Flats in an area called Q Town. Starting her education in mainstream schools, she managed to complete primary school, but could not continue with her high school education due to her sub-standard literacy competency. Coming from an at-risk background, there was very little support for her to continue and complete her school education. Her mom found the Learn to Live School of Skills, a school that provides basic education and skills training to learners aged 14 to 18.


Now majoring in Hospitality, a StreetSmart beneficiary programme, and in her final year, Wendy exclaims: “It’s amazing, I love Hospitality!” As part of her training programme, she has already started doing weekend jobs to get a foot in the door. The Radisson Blue Hotel in Cape Town has partnered with Learn to Live by allowing the Hospitality Workshop learners some exposure to the world of hospitality.


Wendy is flourishing and shows visible emotions of gratitude towards the supportive teachers at the Learn to Live School who has done so much for her during the past four years. Through their education, training and mentorship, Wendy has been enabled start to live a better life and have a promising future.

Thank you for considering a donation to StreetSmart South Africa!


Your gift will improve the lives of street & vulnerable children’s lives through approved organisations that run programmes focused on family reunification, education & skills training programmes across South Africa.


Donations are 18A tax-deductiable, as allowed by South African law.


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For more information and how to get involved, contact us on: 

Tel: 021 447 3227

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