‘You are the Change’ by a passionate Charity Fundraiser

You are the Change – by ‘A complicated Original’
Everywhere you look is poverty.
Everywhere you go you see the broken.
Everywhere you drive you see the beggars.
Everywhere you shop someone is holding out a hand.
And then there are the many charities asking for help, asking you to buy a raffle ticket or make a donation. ….
How can you make a difference? Who do you help? Why bother? It’s not my problem. Ask the government to help you… these are some of the excuses I hear often.

Donor fatigue and being exposed constantly to those in need is like a TSUNAMI
You either close your eyes and pretend the wave is not coming.
You run as far and fast as you can to escape it.
Or you stand paralysed.
No matter what you do and how you react you cannot stop the TSUNAMI of need.

Witnessing poverty and all that is associated with it while volunteering for the past 12 years has made me see the world with different eyes. I am fully aware of the pain. I cannot help everyone but I can help some. Often I tell friends and donors to choose your charity and to focus your energy on that. Be vocal about what you do.
Encourage others by your actions.
Do what you do with love and compassion.

I have a rescue dog
I have been touched by tragedy
I have been affected by cancer
I have friends with disabled children
I know the stories of drug addiction
I have friends in abusive relationships
I have walked the path with friends broken by mental illness.
All these things have moulded me to be compassionate.
So why then do I volunteer for a children’s charity? Why do I bother? What is the point? Is it worth it?
YES it is and I am facing the TSUNAMI of need and all I can do is save just one child. I can change just one life.
So can YOU! !!
The reality is that these children didn’t ask to be born. They are here. We can turn a blind eye or we can get involved.

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