The Knysna Animal Welfare Society

Founded in 1951, The Knysna Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) is a non-profit association solely working for the benefit of animals in need.


To provide primary health care, to prevent overpopulation of dogs and cats in our community through education on the responsibilities of pet ownership with the emphasis on sterilisation, to provide a temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals, to maintain a vigorous adoption program that includes health screening, vaccinations and mandatory spay or neutering. All activities shall be in compliance with the national and municipal laws and regulations, and performed by a humane and professional staff

Services currently include an on-site clinic -by our resident veterinarian, adoption service, Inspectors working from Harkerville to Sedgefield who aids in the collection of injured, unwanted and stray animals, community education and safe haven for stray/unwanted animals

· holding kennels open 24 hours

Contact us

1 Marlin Rd
Knysna, Western Cape 6571

Telephone: 044 384 1603

Facebook: KnysnaAnimalWelfare

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